Bio: Kunta L. Littlejohn


Kunta L. Littlejohn is a husband, father, business owner, and forward thinker. For the past 3 decades, Kunta has been on the forefront of aiding communities, organizations, and individuals to sustainability. He is well noted for his acquaint ability to cross boundary lines, produce results, and energize the environment around him. In 2015 through his vision of a dynamic and influential business community, he gave birth to Community Build United Corporation., "A Place Where Ordinary People Come to Create Extraordinary Possibilities."

As a co-founder of, Kunta's addition will provide a solid vision as well as a creative and analytical balance. 

" For the Idea you hold dear today, may be the innovation that propels us into the future tomorrow...." Act, Explore, Create.....  -K.Littlejohn -